The Role of Exercise Whilst Living With Cancer

There is a growing base of evidence from around the world that is highlighting the valuable role that exercise can play when living with, and beyond cancer: from diagnosis, through treatment, and when in remission.

There is strong evidence that shows that being physically active is associated with prevention of at least 7 different types of cancer – colon, breast, endometrial, kidney, bladder, oesophageal and stomach cancers.

Evidence also shows that exercise is associated with improved survival in patients diagnosed with breast, colon, and prostate cancers.Before:
Engaging in exercise programs prior to undergoing treatment can lead to increased cardiovascular fitness, decreased post-operative complications, and decreased length of hospital stays.

Whilst undergoing treatment, there is strong evidence to demonstrate that being physically active helps to manage fatigue and preserve muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

Following cancer treatment, participating in regular physical activity results in increased muscular and cardiovascular fitness, improves body composition measures, decreases fatigue, and improves overall wellbeing

Exercise Overcome Cancer Side Effects

What does exercise throughout the cancer journey look like?
The American College of Sports Medicine recently held a large roundtable discussion on the topic, and were able to provide expert opinion on the amount of exercise required to produce a benefit in several cancer-related health outcome, including fatigue, quality of life, physical function, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

These guidelines suggest:

–          3 x weekly aerobic exercise for 30mins

–          at a moderate level of intensity – this means being able to talk, but not sing

–          This could include brisk walking, light bike riding, water exercise, or dancing

–          30 minutes of exercise can be broken up into several 5-10minute blocks completed throughout the course of the day, whilst maintaining similar benefits.

Similar benefits have been produced following twice-weekly resistance exercises, involving:

–          One exercise per main muscle group

–          8 to 15 reps per set

–          2 sets of each exercise

–          Progressing in small increments

Resistance training doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out and join a gym – resistance exercise can be completed with elastic bands, body weight, or small hand weights.

In general, supervised exercise programs conducted with health professionals produced larger effects than unsupervised programs, as these professionals are able to personalise a program and approach to physical activity to suit the individual and their treatment pathway.

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Mana NankivellMana Nankivell
00:38 18 Apr 23
I highly recommend Trent and the Physio Fit team.I sustained a knee injury (fat pad impingement) in a half-marathon around 18 months ago, and after 12 months of seeing a (different) physio and sports doctors without any improvement, I was told by the doctor that I would "probably just have to put up with the pain".I booked in with the team at Physio Fit for another opinion, and it was the best decision I ever made. Trent put together a very manageable rehab plan for me and was quick to respond and adapt when something didn't work out. In the past 6 months, I've gone from not being able to walk without pain or even think about hiking, running or cycling without my knee flaring up, to running my first post-injury 5.5km trail run and hiking 10km with a 10kg pack!
Laura O'ConnorLaura O'Connor
08:47 05 Feb 23
This clinic is the pinnacle of physiotherapy in Adelaide. Ive seen a couple of different physios at physiofit over the years for different injuries and the experience has been absolutely amazing each time! Highly recommend seeing the team here for all your physio needs!
Ryen ArcherRyen Archer
02:50 03 Feb 23
Corey is absolutely fantastic, worked out my issues and we have been working to improve them for a few months now and all I can say is I am feeling a million times better! thanks physio fit! Keep up the great work!
Amy SzyndlerAmy Szyndler
02:44 03 Feb 23
I attended Physio Fit to get my tennis elbow treated. Always a friendly greeting from the lovely reception staff, and my physio, Corey, was fantastic; very friendly, knowledgeable and provided treatment that was personalised and holistic. Following Corey's advice and exercise regime helped me get back to the activities I enjoy, pain-free. Highly recommended.
Debbie MossDebbie Moss
07:21 02 Feb 23
Have been taking my daughter here for quite a few months now for ongoing back issues. The care that she has been given through her Physiotherapist Corey, has been fantastic. Everything has been explained and if exercises have needed to be modified he has. Would thoroughly recommend this place for any Physio needs. All staff that we have dealt with have been friendly and professional. A great team and environment.
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